What amenities are offered on your buses?

We offer motorcoaches ranging in size from SUV
and Luxury Sedan Services, 15 Passenger Vans,
30 to 56 passenger seats, to meet your
transportation needs. Our fleet of deluxe
motorcoaches is equipped with:

-Free Wi-Fi internet access
-TVs (4 to 6 monitors) with DVD player
-Reclining seats
-Onboard restroom
-PA system
-Enclosed overhead storage compartments
-Large luggage compartments underneath the bus
Airport Transfers
Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties
Casino Trips
Church Functions
Corporate Events
Cruise Transfers
Day Trips
Educational Trips
Family Reunions
Golf Trips
Government Events
Night Outs
Political Trips

School Trips
Shuttle Services
Sport Events
Theme Park Visits
In short, call us for all of your events and for all of your transportation needs, including:
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Do I pay for parking, tolls and other fees?
We try to include these fees in our initial quote, but if there are additional fees during the trip due to deviations from the initial itinerary, they
will be your responsibility.

For multi-day trips, do I need to reserve a room for the bus driver?
For overnight trips, it will be your responsibility to book the driver's hotel room. Most hotels will "comp" the bus driver's room (provide the room
free of charge) when you book rooms for a large group. Ask to speak with someone in group sales at your hotel to ensure that they provide a
comp room for the driver. Please make sure the hotel has ample parking to accommodate a bus.

Can we bring food or drinks on the bus?
We do allow both food and drinks on our buses. Please use trash receptacles, which are provided at the front and rear of each bus. Please
try to avoid spills and help us keep your bus clean. At the discretion of the bus driver, we reserve the right to restrict eating and drinking on the
bus if we feel you have abused or damaged our equipment. We also reserve the right to charge you for damages to our buses.

Is smoking allowed on the bus?
For the comfort and safety of our passengers, and in compliance with Federal laws, we do not allow smoking on our buses. We will provide
rest stops and/or meal stops en route which give opportunities for smoking.

Form of payments?
We accept Check, Money Orders and Credit Card (3.5% convenience fee for all credit cards)
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